Journal of Tropical Oceanography

(Bimonthly, started in 1982)
Superintendent: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsor: South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CSA
Editor: Editorial Department of Journal of Tropical Oceanography
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Editor-in-Chief: LI Chaolun
Director/Deputy Editor-in-chief:  LONG AIMIN

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 Journal of Tropical Oceanography (JTO), started in 1982 and published biomonthly, is a kind of marine academic journal sponsored by South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The articles on it cover all kinds of oceanological studies in tropical oceans, especially in the South China Sea, including marine hydrology, marine meteorology and climatology, marine physics, marine chemistry, marine geology and geophysics, marine sedimentology, estuary and coast, marine biology, marine pollution and prevention, marine technology and instruments. Most of the articles adopted in the recent years have come from the research results of Key scientific and research projects of the state, provinces and ministries, such as Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, State Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) , Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and National Special Programs (126) , etc.

 Journal of Tropical Oceanography is one of core journals of natural sciences in China and the source journal for “Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations Database” and “Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database” as well as “Chinese Digitized Periodical Group of Wangfang Information Base”, and has been integrally collected into “Chinese Academic Journals (optical disc edition)” and “Chinese Journals Net”. It is also one of the source journals for “Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts” of the United States, “Рефративный Журнал” of Russia, “Current Bibliography on Science and Technology” of Japan, and “Zoological Record” of U.K.

 Journal of Tropical Oceanography is now actively expanding communication with foreign colleagues to transmit the newest research results of tropical oceanography in China. So far, “JTO” has established journal exchange relationships with 125 organizations in 14 countries and regions.

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