Review policy

The Journal of Tropical Oceanography implements double blind review. For contributions entering the system process, the chief editor of the preliminary review (with due consideration given to the author's recommendation) will determine the experts for submission. Before the manuscript is acceptable, there shall be no author information, and the review expert information shall not be visible to any author. After the manuscript has been reviewed, the editorial department can supplement relevant author information only after notifying the author by email as appropriate.

The recruitment of manuscripts shall at least go through such review processes as preliminary review by the editorial department, preliminary review by the chief editor, preliminary review by experts, review by experts, and final review by the chief editor.

Each manuscript is first screened by the editor and the editorial board. The criteria for the initial screening are generally: whether the article can arouse extensive interest of readers, whether the scientific research achievements are novel, and whether they have broad significance. If the manuscript fails to pass the preliminary screening, the author will be notified within 7 days. The manuscript passing the preliminary screening will be reviewed by at least 3 peer experts, and the decision on acceptance will be made. After the review, the editorial department will promptly convey the review’s opinions to the author, whether accepted or not.

For manuscripts that have passed the peer review, we will also conduct a review of English texts.

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