Journal of Tropical Oceanography is an open access comprehensive academic journal of oceanography sponsored by the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, published by Science Press and published at home and abroad. Founded in 1982, it is one of the core journals of natural science in China and one of the selected journals of the Chinese Journal Phalanx in 2001. The international standard number ISSN: 1009-5470, national unified serial number: 44-500/P.

In order to promote the rapid, extensive and effective dissemination of research results in the field and maximize the public interest of scientific research results, the Journal has decided to implement the immediate and complete open access publication of papers published in the journal since its inception, and encourage and support the implementation of self-storage policies.

1. All of this newspaper published research papers, the published version of the PDF are published through our website ( immediately after the implementation of open access. We do not charge a separate fee for processing open access articles. Authors or their institutions are allowed to store all their research results published in the Journal in their institutions' institutional knowledge base for open access.

2. Support the organizer to store the full-text data of this publication in the institutional knowledge base. Encourage and support the author or the author's institution to store the author's paper published in the Journal in the author's institutional knowledge base, the author's personal website, and any third-party open warehouse immediately after publication for self-storage. The stored version is the final, peer-reviewed release, and the basic license is CC-BY 4.0. However, the standardized journal publication information must be indicated in the metadata of the institutional knowledge base and used as a recommended reference method.

3. The copyright of the papers published in this journal belongs to the author, and the copyright of the author and the author institution will be properly protected. Anyone using the author's paper should accurately label the author and the publication information of the paper.

4. It is encouraged for authors to submit their manuscript (preprint) to well-known preprint platforms such as arXiv and ChinaXiv ( before formal submission. The publication of a preprint manuscript will not be considered as duplicate publication

5. The Journal will further promote the further deepening and expansion of open access publishing, support authors to store the original paper data and process data into third-party open access data warehousing, support the semantic disclosure, retrieval and correlation of paper data, support the release and utilization of additional paper data, and actively explore and test the ability of digital content expansion services. Support the rich display, mobile access, and ubiquitous use of research results.

6. Funding agencies, library and information services and authors are welcome to provide open access publishing funds. The Journal is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the industry, support the construction of open access infrastructure, including institutional knowledge base, and strengthen the sharing and cooperation in the construction of journal resources, operation mode, tool platform, and author training.

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