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    In accordance with the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, from the date of signing this declaration, all copyright holders of the above-mentioned paper agree that the above-mentioned paper will be published in the Journal of Tropical Oceans, and all copyright holders' rights to reproduction, distribution, information network dissemination, translation, and compilation of the above-mentioned paper (various language versions) will be transferred free of charge to the editorial department of the Journal of Tropical Oceans worldwide. All copyright owners authorize the editorial department of the Journal of Tropical Oceanography to exclusively apply for copyright registration matters for various language versions (including various media) of the above-mentioned works based on actual needs.
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(1) The above paper is an original research achievement independently obtained by the copyright owner; The content of the paper does not involve state secrets;
(2) Has not been publicly published in any form or language both domestically and internationally;
(3) The content of the above-mentioned paper does not infringe upon the copyright and other rights of others. Otherwise, the copyright owner will bear all responsibilities arising from the infringement of the content of the paper and compensate for all losses caused to the editorial department of the Journal of Tropical Oceanography.
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(1) Do not consider publishing this paper in any form elsewhere in the future;
(2) If the unsigned copyright owner authorizes the signed copyright owner to sign this declaration as the agent of all copyright owners, this declaration is binding on all copyright owners;
(3) The signing copyright owner guarantees that they have the right to sign this declaration and make various commitments.

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