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This magazine accepts submissions throughout the year and is open on holidays. According to the average progress of the review and manuscript processing processes in this journal, it generally takes about 2 to 3 months for a manuscript to be submitted and accepted for publication. Therefore, we particularly remind third year master's students to arrange their submission time to avoid affecting their graduation defense, etc.

Question: What are the common issues with manuscript formatting?
Answer: This magazine has its own requirements for the format of submitted manuscripts. Authors can refer to the "Paper Template" in the "Download Center" on the website homepage. According to statistics, common formatting issues include:
1) The footer content on the first page of the manuscript is not standardized. The footer content should include the following:
Received date:     Revised date:      XXX Editor;
Foundation items:
Author's introduction: Name (year of birth -), hometown, professional title, main research direction, email:
Corresponding author: Name, email:
And the English translation of all the above content. Attention: Email should not be written in the form of email, email, etc. This journal implements double-blind review, and before the manuscript is accepted, the documents submitted to the editorial department must not contain the author and unit's signature information.

2) The references at the end of the article, besides writing according to the "paper template", are often overlooked by many authors. Chinese literature with English titles and abstracts must be accompanied by an English translation;

3) The use of maps. According to the requirements, no names with administrative significance shall appear on all maps, and only names with natural geographical significance shall appear. For example, "Taiwan" should be displayed as "Taiwan Island" on the map. The longitude and latitude of the map should be in degrees format, with latitude values placed in the left box of the map and latitude markers (N, S) placed below the top digit; longitude values placed in the box of the map and longitude markers (E, W) Place to the right of the rightmost digit. One longitude and latitude label is sufficient, and there is no need to label N or E after each longitude and latitude scale. However, if the map spans across the north, south, east, and west hemispheres, N/S and E/W can be marked at the corresponding positions of the longitude and latitude values at the beginning and end. Please refer to the example in the submission template for details.

4) Chart format. Irregular graphics are a common issue among authors. The graphics of Chinese manuscripts should use Chinese as much as possible for the horizontal and vertical coordinates, and the heading should be in the form of "variable/unit", which means adding diagonal bars between variable names and units. If the unit is a composite unit, parentheses should be added, such as "velocity/(m · s-1)". The table should be in the form of a three line table, and the top and bottom lines of the three line table should be slightly thicker than the middle table line. The units should be in standard units.

5) Data format. If there is no special need, the manuscript data is generally rounded to two decimal places.

6) Insertion of formulas. Except for parameters, variables, or simple formulas in the text that can be directly inputted, all other formulas require insertion using the Mathtype editor.

Question: What are the number and requirements for uploading files when modifying manuscripts?
Answer: After the author modifies the manuscript, they need to upload the following three files in the system:
1) Revise the Word document of the manuscript. Due to expert review and the system process mainly referring to Word documents, uploaded Word documents cannot have revision marks and must be complete without modification marks.
2) Modify the PDF document of the manuscript. In order to facilitate expert review of the manuscript and understand the author's modifications, the author can upload a PDF file with modification marks.
3) Modify the WORD file for the instructions. The author needs to respond and explain each expert's opinion item by item.
Special reminder to the author: In order to facilitate expert review and system processing of the manuscript, do not upload compressed files. The submission system of Journal of Tropical Oceanography has set a size limit of 900M for each file, which can definitely meet the author's file size requirements.

Question: What should I do if I want to add an author after submitting a manuscript?
Answer: During the revision stage of the manuscript, the author can add or modify author information at any time with the consent of all authors, and it is guaranteed that the copyright transfer agreement provided to the editorial department after the intended employment must have the handwritten signature of all authors. After submitting paper materials, changes to the authorship of the manuscript are generally not accepted.
In the revision stage, the author enters the work desktop and can see "Correcting manuscript information and uploading revised drafts" after the manuscript. Click to enter and see "Author". Click "Author Information" to make changes to the author information, including author deletion, order adjustment, and corresponding author changes.


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