Scope of publication

The Journal of Tropical Oceanography is a bimonthly journal, which mainly publishes the latest research results and academic papers on marine hydrology, marine meteorology, marine physics, marine chemistry, marine geology and geophysics, marine sedimentation, estuaries and coasts, marine biology, marine pollution and prevention, marine instruments and technology, as well as the review articles reflecting the latest frontier trends of the discipline in the South China Sea and adjacent tropical oceanography.

The journal accepts contributions from different types of academic papers, which can be any of the following types:

Comments: review and introduce the important research achievements published in this journal or other international journals, as well as the research achievements of various important national science and technology awards.

Progress: review the outstanding progress and importance of a rapidly developing research field or direction.

Review: summarize the representative achievements in an important research field, comment on the research status, and propose suggestions for future research directions. The author is required to have engaged in systematic research in this field, or his work is closely related to the research in this field. From May 2021, this magazine will no longer accept the summary contributions of the first author as a student in school and a person with junior or intermediate professional titles.

Frontier: Review the current research status, progress and existing problems of active and rapidly developing disciplines, and propose insightful ideas for future research. This column is mainly about soliciting contributions.

Articles: Report the latest scientific research achievements with innovation, high level and important scientific significance in the field of natural science.

News: Briefly report innovative and novel scientific research achievements in the field of natural science.

Forum: Comment on important scientific issues, scientific research management policies or major national science and technology plans, and put forward views on theoretical issues such as the relationship between scientific development and social progress.

Contention: discuss and defend articles published by this journal, or introduce and comment on a controversial hot issue in present scientific research.

Dynamics: report major scientific and technological news, scientific research information, important academic activities in China's scientific community and important international academic conferences held in China.

Book review: review and introduce high-level and high-quality academic works of natural science.

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